Hattrick in EU Research Projects by Steinbeis

Hattrick in EU Research Projects by Steinbeis

Hattrick in EU Research Projects by Steinbeis NordOst –
Technology Managers in Rostock strengthen the science location.

By signing the contracts for three new EU projects of the 6th EU Research Framework Program in the area of life sciences the Steinbeis Team Northeast in Rostock achieved the hattrick.

The projects cover topics from the cooperation in international drug development to networking of small biotech enterprises in research projects up to management trainings for young life science researchers. “The hattrick is not only a great success for our company, it is furthermore a significant appreciation of the scientific potential of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania within the ScanBalt BioRegion”, says Frank Graage, Head of Steinbeis Team Northeast.


With two million euro the European Union supports a research project, which will develop new active substances for pain therapy for critically cancer-ill patients. Eleven partners from six European Union countries are involved and collaborate in the project named “Normolife”. Among the consortium partners University of Rostock brings in knowledge and experiences in cell chip sensor technologies, the Steinbeis Team Northeast takes over tasks in the consortium management of “Normolife”.
Boost Biosystems
Under the project name “Boost Biosystems”, a ScanBalt BioRegion consortium led by Steinbeis Team Northeast creates the basis for an intensive integration of researchers and small enterprises in the field of biosystem technologies. The aim of cooperating in the field of biosystem technologies is to bring research results of life science applications to the market, to enlarge product portfolios of biotech companies and to strengthen hereby regional economies. This interdisciplinary cooperation between clinics, small biotech companies and microsystem technology suppliers is not yet sufficiently implemented and an enormous potential for innovations has not yet been developed.
One of the latest within the 6th EU Research Framework Program funded projects is the training program “TRAYSS PRIME”, developed by Steinbeis Team Northeast in Rostock, Prosciencia in Lübeck and ScanBalt. The project starts on 1st January 2007 and is scheduled for a runtime of 18 months. The main idea is to sensibilize and to upgrade young European researchers in the field of life sciences and health in the Baltic Sea Region for concepts of research management. The program’s core topics are innovation management, intellectual property, EU project preparation issues and bioethics. It is intended to reach approximately 200 researchers in the Baltic Sea Region during the seminars and workshops as well as with a summer school by the end of the project in 2008 and to have raised awareness to the needs of future research management.
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“A hat-trick in sports is associated with succeeding at anything three times in three consecutive attempts.”

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