Healthy Ageing Campus – B2B Matchmaking Event

Healthy Ageing Campus – B2B Matchmaking Event

The Healthy Ageing Campus helps local and regional SMEs to develop partnerships and innovations. Therefore, it will host the Match-Making Event during the ScanBalt Forum of 2014. All visitors of the ScanBalt Forum 2014 share an interest in the opportunities resulting from the challenges of an ageing society: challenges that are largely impossible to overcome alone. Partnerships are needed. Forums are organized to bring people together: most visitors are looking for ideal collaboration partners.

The Healthy Ageing Campus, the beating heart of the ‘Healthy Ageing’ theme in Groningen, the Netherlands, contains both excellent fundamental research and world-class SMEs, centered around:

– Medical Technology & Devices, which is aimed at prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, and rehabilitation. Especially in the field of orthopedics, cardiology and organ transplantation, northern NL contains world class expertise.

– Molecules & Materials, which consists of numerous, unique and high-class developers and producers of bio functional small molecules, peptides, polymers and polymer enabled drug delivery technologies.

– Development, Testing & Analysis of Pharmaceuticals, which is an umbrella of contract research, development and manufacturing organizations (CROs, CDOs and CMOs).

Together with these regional SMEs, the Campus has established the ‘Healthy Ageing Business Cooperative’ so that entrepreneurs can unite and formulate joint ambitions with the Campus. Together, these SMEs are stronger in conciliations with e.g. suppliers, educational institutes and governments. The shared objective is simple: establish an even more attractive and competitive region by realizing R&D partnerships, strong supply chains, efficient innovation and technology transfers, significant cost reductions, shared international relations, superior grant applications and smart HR management.

To reach these objectives, the SMEs of the Healthy Ageing Campus are always looking for new partners and relations, both national and international. Find a detailed list of around 45 SMEs on the Campus website:

The Healthy Ageing Campus B2B Matchmaking Event will be organized around three themes:

·         Medical Technology & Devices

·         Molecules & Materials

·         Development, Testing & Analysis

The Healthy Ageing Campus B2B Matchmaking Event will be organized in two specific timeslots, during the ScanBalt Forum 2014:

·         Thursday, 9th of October: 15.30h – 17.00h

·         Friday, 10th of October: 13.30h – 14.45h

During each timeslots each participant will be able to schedule up to five individual B2B meetings.

Why participate?

·         Connect to topics and ideas for international collaboration;

·         Find and connect with foreign cooperation partners (suppliers, agents, distributors, subcontractors, end-users, etc.);

·         Exchange new technologies with foreign partners;

·         Connect to ideas and projects for EU funded consortia;

·         Find project partners for EU projects;
·         Exchange information on foreign markets, trends and opportunities.

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