A hundred new jobs at Healthy Ageing in Groningen

A hundred new jobs at Healthy Ageing in Groningen

The theme ‘healthy-ageing’ has provided new jobs in Groningen. That reports the municipality of Groningen. Groningen  is trying to create as many jobs as possible in the sectors ‘healthy-ageing’ and energy, and in both sectors combined more than a hundred people have found a job. This is due to the municipal co-financing fund.

This co-financing fund exists since 2011. Of the one million euro budget, about three-quarters has been spend. The money went to five projects about, for instance, the development of medicines and energy savings.

“You can say that the 750 thousand euro, which the co-financing fund has contributed, has led to an investment of over 14 million euro”, says Councillor Van Keulen. “In other words: for every euro from the fund there is 19 euro from other parties.”

It has resulted into about a hundred jobs within the five projects. “But the projects themselves also lead to many new jobs, which only strengthens the effect”, says Van Keulen.

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