Information on European research funding – gateway to FP7

Information on European research funding – gateway to FP7

Information on European research funding – Gateway to FP7.

The new web service provides the latest state of play as the EU’s new research and development (R&D) programme moves into its implementation phase. It will then develop into a fully-fledged support service for all potential participants and interested parties.

The service, which replaces the current ‘Towards FP7’ pages, provides detailed information on the specific programmes and themes, participation rules and official documents related to FP7. It also contains all the latest developments, announcements and events relevant to FP7.

Adopted work programmes and calls for project proposals will be published on this service as soon as they are available.

The new pages allow users to learn about FP7 in general and, in particular, its specific programmes and their themes, as well as the activities related to Euratom and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). There is also a set of fact sheets in 21 languages, providing general information about the new Framework Programme.

In addition to background information, the new service also includes an FP7 Newsroom, where the most important latest developments relevant to FP7 are highlighted and explained.

For potential participants, there is a guidance section explaining the rules of participation in FP7, including eligibility criteria, explanations of the most important procedures, and a summary of the different types of participation that are available.

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