Innovation dialogue (June 06)

Innovation dialogue (June 06)

Starting an innovative dialogue 

Innovation has been the buzzword in European corridors for some time – innovation is, we are told, the way to pull up the EU economy by its bootstraps and secure our long-term prosperity.

However, as the endless reports and conferences show, people are very keen to talk about innovation, but how do you go about actually innovating? Dr Roland Strauss had an idea – you must make innovative companies talk to one another and use the pool of knowledge for everyone’s benefit.

This laid the foundations for a way to nurture innovation within Europe – through dialogue – with innovative companies at different levels talking to one another. Dr Strauss fist presented his ideas to the European business community at the launch of his company’s European Innovation Dialogue (EID) launch in Brussels in December 2005, and then again in a presentation to the European Parliament in January.

This was shortly before the publication of the influential expert group report on innovation, chaired by former Finnish Prime Minister Esko Aho – a blueprint for prosperity through innovation.

European Innovative dialogue


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