Innovation systems in health economies (Bruxelles 26th September)

Innovation systems in health economies (Bruxelles 26th September)

Regional, transnational and macro-regional cooperation for sharing and disseminating innovation in health care systems

The new EU financial programming period 2014-2020 is not far away.

With the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) the EU has formed its first macro-regional strategy. The major objective is to reinforce cooperation and promote common approaches towards common challenges and opportunities.

It is expected that in the new programming period there will be a much stronger alignment between the EUSBSR and the financial support instruments and thus it is relevant to discuss the concrete initiatives aiming to implement EUSBSR and draw on experiences learned in other networks and initiatives.

Health and innovation are among the top priorities and the flagship project within the strategy, ScanBalt Health Region, is intended to develop a common framework for innovation in health economy and life sciences. A tool to achieve this is the HealthPort Innovation Agenda developed by the project BSHR HealthPort together with partners and collaborators from the Baltic Sea Region.

Innovation and smart specialisation are key instruments to shape the future of a Europe that has smart, inclusive and sustainable solutions for societal challenges. From theory to practice, from “Smart Specialisation” to “Smart Implementation”; now it is time to see how these concepts can become a reality and programmes might be implemented to have a sustainable impact. Regions play a key role in health care delivery and in the process of adopting innovative solutions in the domain of health care.

How can regions collaborate on a transnational stage without compromising the interest of the regional stakeholders?

Is it possible to create a win-win situation through sharing of innovations on the product-, process- and system level?

To address these questions, the workshop brings together experts from major European initiatives that have developed strategies in this field. One of the major objectives is to surpass existing boundaries and open the way for inclusion of stakeholders outside the traditional health sector.

The workshop takes place at the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Information Office to the EU Boulevard Saint Michel 80, Brussels, 26 September 2013 hour 14.00 – 18.00 followed by a reception.

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The workshop is co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region programme 2007 – 2013 as part of the project BSHR HealthPort.

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