The Joint Innovative Medicine Centre in Vilnius

The Joint Innovative Medicine Centre in Vilnius

Aiming to create a modern research infrastructure of innovative medical technology, molecular medicine and biopharmaceutical research for study and development purposes.

The plan is to construct a building that will house the new part of the State Research Institute of Innovative Medical Center (hereinafter – IMC) units and the Open Access Centre (hereinafter – OAC) with 8 open access laboratories (structural units), as well as the purchase of scientific equipment required for OAC. The 8 open access laboratories are:

–Immunotechnology lab

–Biomarker research lab

–Biopharmaceutical research lab

–Biomedical information systems lab

–Bio-imaging lab

–Biomodels development and preclinical research lab

–Stem cells research lab

–Digital and molecular pathology lab

The Joint Innovative Medicine centre is part of Santara valley, which  is one of 5 technology clusters in Lithuania being developed to accelerate translation of research results into business applications.

Located in northern part of Vilnius, Lithuania it is a home for R&D facilities of 4 major research institutes, a number of pharma producers and private technology development centres. Santara valley has already attracted €73.3 million in public grants for R&D infrastructure development as well as over €80 million of private investments and EU support.

Joint Innovative Medicine Centre

Santara Valley

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