Latvian Health Care Sector – Many Opportunities for Investments

Latvian Health Care Sector – Many Opportunities for Investments

The Latvian healthcare sector has recently undergone structural reform combining smaller hospitals into bigger healthcare centers to provide more comprehensive health services, whilst also opening individual specialist units. These efforts have developed a streamlining process, helping to optimize resource use and increase efficiency in the healthcare sector.

The sector is rapidly approaching standards of Western European countries due to its impressive growth rates. An important aspect to note is the large proportion of the sector expenditures that comes directly from households and individuals.

There are many opportunities within the sector due to its high growth rate and relatively low expenditure compared to the European Union average. The main subsectors for growth are nursing and residential care, which are emerging now in Latvia, and medical centers focused on medical tourism. Moreover, Latvia has high quality practitioners and lower wages which enhances its potential even more to be a leading provider in medical tourism.

In order to learn more about the Latvian Health Care sector and opportunities for investments and collaboration follow the link below.

Latvian Health Care sector

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