Liepaja Business Incubator: Creative minds, innovative ideas and high-potential entrepreneurs

Liepaja Business Incubator: Creative minds, innovative ideas and high-potential entrepreneurs

LIAA (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia) Liepaja Business Incubator is one of 15 creative incubators of Magnetic Latvia. It is a community that unites creative minds, innovative ideas and high-potential entrepreneurs. Start-ups can use the co-working space, co-financing, consultations and community support. More than 600 companies have joined the Magnetic Latvia Business Incubator community, and more than 700 events take place each year to develop business ideas. Already 30 million euros have been invested in new and exportable business ideas around Latvia.

Gints Reķēns, Head of LIAA Business Incubator of Liepāja, comments on e-health and hackathon: “Hackson is a great opportunity because we have excellent programmers and problem solvers. So far, none of the incubator’s clients have made an example for e-health tool, however, associates of our clients are able to solve such problems. E-health has potential as the traditional industry can be perfected with the accuracy and speed of computer. The industry itself in Latvia and also in Liepaja is at a high level, but by joining forces with IT problem solvers, the industry would become available to a wider audience, become more qualitative and cheaper. ”

The LIAA Business Incubator of Liepaja will host an event on April 25-26, bringing together both the IT and health sectors. It will be a 24-hour Hackathon for developing an idea of ICT solution or e-tool for the prevention of various diseases in young people.

At the beginning of the event, 6 countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Germany) will present pilot projects on how to reduce lifestyle-related health problems among young people, as well as planned actions to solve these problems. Basing on the examples given, teams will have to develop an idea for an e-tool (for example, an application) within 24 hours that could be used to solve one of the problems presented.

Teams of 2 to 3 people are welcome to apply for the event. The winner will be determined by an international jury. The main prize is EUR 800.00 for development of creative ideas. Participation is free of charge, and the language of the event will be English.

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