Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is seeking for international collaborations

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is seeking for international collaborations

Having mergeLSMU_logo_ENd two academies, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) is a unique phenomenon in the context of Lithuanian higher education. The biggest university of biomedical studies in the Baltic region continues the traditions of both Kaunas University of Medicine (KMU) and Lithuanian Veterinary Academy (LVA).

The University generates and disseminates scientific knowledge, works on building a healthy and educated community, fosters economic and cultural prosperity of the country, contributes to enterprise competitiveness and social peace. Students gain their entrepreneurship skills while studying at LSMU and cooperating with businesses.

Being the biggest biomedical university (~ 8000 students, more than 10 %  are international students) in Lithuania and the founder of two healthcare institutions – LSMU Hospital Kauno Klinikos and Kaunas Clinical Hospital – the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences actively applies the principle of unity between  studies, research and clinical practices and encourages the whole community to produce applicable results of scientific and practical activities, which, through innovations implemented in practice, generate a significant added value for society. More than 180 clinical trials and biomedical studies are carried out every year.

LSMU creates  innovations in health technology and biotechnology (molecular technologies for medicine and biopharmacy; advanced applied technologies for health of individuals and society; advanced medical engineering for early diagnosis and effective treatment) as well as agroinnovations and innovations in food technology (sustainable agro-biological resources and safer food; functional food; innovative development, improvement and processing of biological raw materials (biorefinery) and many others.

LSMU can provide various preclinical and clinical studies, together with the Animal Research Centre (ARC) and the hospitals. ARC is a modern experimental base presenting limitless opportunities to create and implement new health technologies – almost all technologies created by pharmaceutical industry and industry of medical devices are tested: medicines, joint and organ implants, suture materials, mobile technologies (e. g. robotic surgical assistants or remote manipulators, which enable top-level surgical professionals to participate in remote-controlled surgery).

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