‘Long night of the sciences’: 28th April, Rostock, Germany

‘Long night of the sciences’: 28th April, Rostock, Germany

During the “Long Night of the Sciences” 2005 in Rostock, Germany, young artists east and west of the Baltic Sea shall be given a platform, on which they can present a contribution to the discussion of modern sciences.

The platform for young artists is an “Aritists’ Parcours” for exhibitions and happenings in the public in Rostock.

In two weeks artists will reflect their thoughts about sciences and the transfer of knowledge in the sciences as well as basic ethical questions concerning sciences. The artists will critically look at and work with the role of science in its positive and negative meanings.

The project is aiming at creating critical works of art for discussions, in which sources of friction are discovered and expressed. Creating different works of art, the artists can express their expectations of and requirements for science generally and specifically. Artists can decide on their own on the material they use (metal, wood, plastic, etc) and on their techniques and technology respectively (photography, music, computer, etc).

The works of arts will be created during a period of two week, April 16 to 28, 2005, in Rostock. They will then be presented to the public during the “Long Night of the Sciences 2005” at the “Bühne 602” at the city harbour.

Please contact Mathias Behrens if you are interested in participating, the deadline for applications is passed though late applicants may be still considered.

Mathias Behrens
Project Manager

Sphinx et – Agentur für Zeitgeistentwicklung
Am Wendländer Schilde 7
D-18055 Rostock

Fon: 0049 – (0) 381 – 128 9392
Fax: 0049 – (0) 381 – 499 7399

News Source: Careen Krüger, Project Coordinator, BioCon Valley, Germany 

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