Macro-Regional Development and the Health Economy

Macro-Regional Development and the Health Economy

Macro Dev

This new report describes practical experiences, models and concepts for macro-regional collaboration between regions and clusters.

A key issue is how to enhance national/regional public-private investments in the health economy while ensuring alignment with the priorities and opportunities available from various EU funds (like ESIF, Horizon2020) in order to make progress on the road towards smart specialization.

The report draws from experiences gained in ScanBalt BioRegion since 2001. Its intent is to demonstrate a toolbox or process that can be applied in the Danube Area or in any other macro region for that matter.

The report is a delivery of the DanuBalt H2020 project, Another delivery later this year for which ScanBalt is responsible is an investment catalogue for coordinated funding between H2020, ESIF, regional and national-public private investments.

Download the report here.


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