Make Science Relevant – Urge Descartes prize winners

Make Science Relevant – Urge Descartes prize winners

In our bid to communicate science effectively to the general public, we need to make science simple but not simpler, say the winners of the new Descartes prize for communicating science.

Scientists must be aware of the difference between simplicity and accessibility, explained the five winners, insisting that science should convey complicated concepts through the use of familiar

The Descartes prize for science communication was awarded for the first time in Prague on 2 December. The 250,000 euro prize was shared by five personalities from the worlds of science and the media, under three separate categories. The two winners in the category ‘professional scientists engaged in science communication to the public’, were Wolfgang Heckl, from Germany, for his ability to communicate the complex issue of nanotechnologies in an accessible manner, and British zoologist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough for his pioneering work in the field of wildlife filmmaking.

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Source: Cordis Rapidus

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