Marine Biotechnology – a new ScanBalt section

Marine Biotechnology – a new ScanBalt section

Norfa (Nordic Academy for Advanced Study) has decided to extend funding to Scanbalts new marine Biotech section. The Marine biotech group boasts complete ScanBalt presentation withMarine Biotechnology scientists from each of the countries Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and St. Petersburg -representing both public and private interests.

Leading the group is Professor Peter Aleström from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science in Oslo. The group hopes to pick up the momentum from ScanBalt Forum in Gdansk 2002 and has submitted a NorFa (Nordic Research Academy) application requesting funds for a first meeting. The president of the European Society for Marine Biotechnology, Jan A. Olafsen, Norway, says:

“Researchers involved in Marine Biotechnology related activities have a mixed background and scientific focus, and do not always naturally communicate. It is our hope that international networking activities in marine biotechnology may improve communications and thus further support the field. I was very glad to see the ScanBalt effort and I am looking forward to taking part in the first meeting next year”.

Contact: Peter Aleström, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science:  Lise Vinkel, ScanBalt secretariat:

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