Medical Biotechnology Centre inaugarated at the University of Southern Denmark

Medical Biotechnology Centre inaugarated at the University of Southern Denmark

The centre will focus on biomedical research and in particular on the molecular analysis of disease mechanisms. Available space and positions has, from the beginning, been subject to great interest and competition. Seven professors have been appointed by the University of Southern Denmark and will be based at the new centre along with their research groups. All representing cutting edge research in disease areas such as cancer, sclerosis, arthritis, CNS, cardiovascular diseases, infections and stem cell research.

The key strengths at MBC are the combination of the unique technologies mastered/comprised by the individual research groups. The interdisciplinary approach contributes to obtaining new knowledge on human cells and protein functions that may contribute to the development new treatments.

“We have put great emphasis on putting together groups with no direct competition. However, at the same time such groups need to have shared areas of research in order to benefit from each other. We expect new scientific results and synergies to grow in a constellation such as MBC”, says Mogens Hørder, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences.

According to Mogens Hørder, the three primary goals of the centre are:
– to professionalize university research
– to educate researchers at the highest level
– strengthen industry collaborations

Centre Coordinator, Prof. Henrik Ditzel, MBC
Winsløwparken 25,5000 Odense C
Tel: +45 6550 3781

News source: Berta Villegas, ScanBalt web editor for Denmark

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