Neobiotics (Sweden) gains investment for new pharmceutical

Neobiotics (Sweden) gains investment for new pharmceutical

Lumitec has invested in Neobiotics AB, a company recently started by a research team from Lund University. The company is developing a completely new type of pharmaceutical to combat multi-resistant bacteria and viruses.

Neobiotics is based on research that has been underway for the past 15 years. A recent breakthrough has shown that it is possible to develop a pharmaceutical that is effective against multi-resistant strains of bacteria and certain types of viruses.

Neobiotics AB was started by Lumitec and the entrepreneurs behind the research results. Led by Professor Anders Grubb, they include Aftab Jasir, Claes Schalén and two research workers from Gdansk, Poland. Lumitec intends to run the company towards commercializing by translating the research results into a marketable product.

For further information contact:
Patrik Söderlund, CEO Lumitec
Cell phone: +46 709-18 41 31

Aftab Jasir, CEO Neobiotics
Cell phone: +46 707-91 24 12

News Source: Lumitec Press Release, January 12th, 2005

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