New Danish Research Centres Funded

New Danish Research Centres Funded

Funding from the Danish National Research Foundation has enabled the creation of three new centres for research at the University of Aarhus. These will be:

Centre for mRNP biogenesis and metabolism, leader lector Torben Heick Jensen, Institute of Molecular Biology
Centre for solid state NMR and functional characterisation of proteins in “insoluble” biological structures, leader professor Niels Chr. Nielsen, Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center, iNANO, and Institute of Chemistry
Centre for oxygen microscopy and imaging, leader professor Peter R. Ogilby, Institute of Chemistry

More information can be found here (In Danish).

This was part of a much larger funding package, worth 375 million Danish kronor, which was divided between these and 9 other projects. This included several others in the lifescience field:

Centre for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality, Denmarks Tekniske Universitet
Centre for Genotoxic Stress Research, Kraeftens Bekaempelse
Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism, Copenhagen University

Read the full press release (in Danish) here.

News source: Berta Villegas, ScanBalt web editor for Denmark

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