New International Masters Level Program in Bioscience Business, Gothenburg, Sweden

New International Masters Level Program in Bioscience Business, Gothenburg, Sweden

With start in the fall of 2005, Gothenburg International Bioscience Business School – a joint intiative between Chalmers and Göteborg University – will offer a unique master-level program in Bioscience Business Creation.

Business and entrepreneurial skills in combination with an advanced scientific, technical and medical understanding are essential in the creation of new bioscience businesses and in the management of complex, interdisciplinary development projects in established organizations in industry and the health care sector. With the ambition to provide key actors in the bioscience and healthcare sector of tomorrow with such interdisciplinary competency, GIBBS will offer its students practical experiences in bioscience business development and fundamental insights into strategic issues in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

The GIBBS Bioscience Business Creation program is directed at individuals with drive, ambition and creativity, in combination with either education in the life sciences/bio-based engineering or with practical experience from the biotech/pharmaceutical industry, bioscience research, or health care management.

GIBBS is closely connected to Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and its successful educational model linked to real technical innovation projects. CSE is the most renowned school of entrepreneurship in Scandinavia with an unmatched track record of having supported the creation of over 30 viable technology-based companies since the start of its Venture Creation program in 1997.

GIBBS, in collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector, will play an integral role in the process of exploiting and building further on highly developed regional expertise of commercializing new technology, both within established companies and in new enterprises set up in the region. GIBBS will also be closely tied to ScanBalt through the forthcoming ScanBalt project Campus, more information will be provided shortly.

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News Source: Frida Kasteng, CIP Chalmers University

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