New Polish Network of Excellence: Cancer Research

New Polish Network of Excellence: Cancer Research

The ultimate goal of ECNIS is to establish an internationally competitive network of European research centres to overcome the existing fragmentation of activities and to enhance the quality and relevance of research on environment, nutrition, and cancer risk as modulated by diet and genetic disposition.

It will bring together researchers from various fields (epidemiology, chemical analysis, genetics, molecular biology, nutrition, exposure assessment, risk assessment, harmonisation of methodologies and analytical techniques) toidentify data gaps and propose improvements of existing techniques. Through sharing ofcommon materials and human resources, it will facilitate the creation of a dynamic Europeanconsortium in the area of environmental cancer risk, nutrition and individual susceptibility. Itwill not only conduct research, but will also be able of providing support and advice toregulators, industry and the general public. The main focus of this virtual research centre ofexcellence will be on the use of biomarkers of exposure and bio-indicators of disease in molecular epidemiology of cancer with the ultimate goal to reduce the cancer burden in Europe. Support for the development of functional foods constitutes a potential important spin-off from this NoE.

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