New Report: State of Europes Biotech Industry in 2003

New Report: State of Europes Biotech Industry in 2003

A new report from the UKs’ Department of Trade and Industry provides useful data on the state of the European Biotech Industry. Unsurprisingly, the document has a strong UK perspective but none the less provides useful statistics on the Danish, German, Norwegian and Swedish Biotech sectors. The report also includes information on other European countries, as well as comparisions with the US biotech industry. It should be noted that the definition of ‘Europe’, in this report, only covers 7 countries.

Key findings are, that in 2003, Europes Biotechnology Industry:

– Employed 73 600 people
– Had 420 drugs in clinical development
– Generated 16.3 Billion Euros of revenue
– Raised 1.3 Billion Euros of equity
– Formed 100 new companies

This can be compared with the US’s Biotechnology Industry in 2003:

– Employed 172 400 people
– Had over 1110 new drugs in clinicl development
– Generated 52 Billion Dollars of revenue
– Raised 9.2 Billion Dollares of equity
– Formed 83 new companies

The document also contains at a glance country information, for 2003:


– Biotech sector sees local currency revenue growth across all sectors
– Novo Nordisks’ fortunes drive Danish biotech performance
– Company creation is mainatined, while attrition is low


– Firms endure first restructuring wave, as 30% of companies downsize
– Revenues fall back 8%, while R&D budgets are cut by 19%
– Investors back portfolio leaders


– Reveues jump by 45% to 118 Million Euros


– Consolidation pushes industry revenues and R&D budgets down
– BioVitrum signs 414 Million Euro diabetes deal with Amgen
– MediVir links marquee anti-HIV development deals with Pharma majors

The report contains a wealth of useful information and can be downloaded here.

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