New ScanBalt Institutional Member: Turku Biomaterials Centre

New ScanBalt Institutional Member: Turku Biomaterials Centre

ScanBalt is pleased to welcome Turku Biomaterials Centre, Finland, as a new institutional member.

Turku Biomaterials Centre offers administrative and laboratory services to companies and research institutes involved in the development of therapeutic medical devices from novel biomaterials such as bioactive glass, bioresorbable polymers and silica sol-gels.

Their mission is to develop a multidiciplinary centre of expertise that has good contacts with the industry working in the field of biomaterials. The goal of the Centre is to facilitate the transfer of university inventions and innovations to commercial products by promoting applied research, materials testing and education.

Services are offered for research and training projects as well as for materials development and testing in compliance with regulative standards. Specific areas of interest are dental materials, bioresorbable materials, and bioactive and functional polymer surfaces, bone substitutes and bone regeneration matrices and materials for drug and gene delivery.

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