New ScanBalt member: Biologue

New ScanBalt member: Biologue

Biologue new ScanBalt member BioLogue is a Copenhagen-based knowledge network for medicines R&D. The overall aim of the BioLogue network is to strengthen, support and expand biomedical R&D, education and training in and among academia, hospitals and industry. How? We facilitate opportunities for the right people to meet, both within and across disciplines. Via BioLogue’s network activities, people connect three ways:

The network consists of several academic, governmental and regulatory partners – including Scandinavia’s largest university – numerous member companies – including several world-leading pharmaceutical companies – and the vast majority of biomedical researchers in Denmark.
The network activities are co-ordinated by the BioLogue secretariat, located at the University of Copenhagen, Panum Campus, located in the heart of Medicon Valley.
BioLogue is integrated with the Danish Pharma Consortium, and – among BioLogue’s other activities – operates DPC’s outreach activities.

BioLogue is supported by both the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif) and Dansk Biotek, its partners and members, and the Danish Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation.

Biologue collaborates with ScanBalt in the Nordic-Baltic Expats Forum:

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