A New Start for the Lisbon Strategy?

A New Start for the Lisbon Strategy?

Insufficient progress has been made to reach the Lisbon objectives.

Although EU productivity levels were growing faster than those in the US for five decades, since 1996 the EU has been lagging the US every single year. Labour productivity in the US is now growing twice as fast as in Europe. As a result our relative levels of wealth have also started slipping.

Europe is not investing enough: investment has – on average – been growing by only 1.7% per year compared with 5.4% per year in the USA.

We are not spending enough on Research & Development: the USA is spending about € 100 billion more on R&D than Europe. The EU has only 25% of the number of patents per head of population found in the USA.

This document suggests an action plan to improve this situation.

Read the suggestions here.

News Source: Cordis

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