New vice chairmen of ScanBalt elected

New vice chairmen of ScanBalt elected

On the Picture: University Medical Center Groningen where ScanBalt Forum 2014 was held 8th to 10th October 2014 gathering more than 200 participants.

At the general assembly for the not-for-profit associationScanBalt® fmba 8th of October in Groningen during the annualScanBalt Forum, 3 new vice chairmen were elected:

Krzysztof Bielawski is Professor at the University of Gdansk and has also served as CEO of the regional development organisationBioBaltica for three years. In addition he is heading the tech transfer office at the university and is coordinator of the EU project Mobi4Health, Centre of Biotechnology for Healthy Life. He has for many years successfully worked to promote Gdansk as a key stakeholder in ScanBaltBioRegion.

Daan Bultje is Director of the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands. Daan has spent the past five years scouting, developing and supporting Healthy Ageing initiatives within the University Medical Center Groningen and in the Northern Netherlands. He was board-member of the Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands and participated for the UMCG in the Advancing Care Coordination & Tele Health (ACT) Deployment Programme. Before the UMCG, Daan worked for the Northern-Netherlands branch of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers. He also was member of the Provincial Council ofGroningen for eight years.

Lars Lindsköld, Project Manager at Västra Götaland Region, has a back ground from business, academia and regional development. He has for many years worked with Health IT and management and is heading the project DigiBildLab 2.0 on digitalization of pathology. Lars is playing a key role in the development ofMedTech oriented shared services and support between clusters in the Baltic Sea region and harmonization and standardization of data (the PATHOS project).

Wolfgang Blank, CEO at Biotechnikum Greifswald and President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in East MecklenburgVorpommern was re-confirmed as Chairman of ScanBalt. Programme Director Tero Piispanen, Turku Science Park and Chairman of the supervisory board for Tartu Biotechnology Park and serial life science entrepreneur Jaanus Pikani, were both re-confirmed as vice chairmen.

ScanBalt would like to thank the leaving vice chairmen ProfessorEwa Lojkowska, University of Gdansk and Medical University ofGdansk, and Katarina Gaardfeldt, Professor and Dean at theCenter for Environment and Sustainability, Gothenburg. Both have for several years served as vice chairmen and have been pivotal in the continued development of ScanBalt andScanBaltBioRegion. Likewise ScanBalt would like to thank leaving vice chairman Professor Gerhard Rakhorst, Healthy Ageing Network of Northern Netherlands and organisator of ScanBaltForum 2014, who established Northern Netherlands as an important part of ScanBalt BioRegion and hosting a liaison office on healthy ageing.

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