Nordic-Baltic expatriates forum

Nordic-Baltic expatriates forum

New initiative- Nordic-Baltic expatriates forumThe Nordic-Baltic expatriates forum is the community of life science and biomedicines researchers and professionals abroad who have roots and hearts in Scandinavia and/or the Baltic area (Top of Europe). The initiative is being established this spring by ScanBalt and DPC BioLogue. The forum will establish a framework to foster connectivity, network and relations among professionals and organisations home and abroad. Top of Europe researchers abroad represent a patrimony of knowledge and experience on which this region could capitalise more effectively. The forum members will be informed about home country research policies and made aware of career opportunities as well as opportunities for collaboration. The forum will involve students, researchers and professionals at all stages of their careers and allow them to become well connected amongst themselves and with their roots at Top of Europe, ensuring that they are recognized as an important resource, whether they remain abroad or choose to return.

The main motivations to support the forum are to make it easier to inform expatriates about relevant job opportunities in the public as well as the private sector, and to make it easier to identify expatriates abroad that could help identify local opportunities for contacts or collaborations and/or to open doors to relevant persons or offices. The success of the forum will contribute to the improvement of the involved countries in the global competition for talent, and the reinforcement of research collaboration between Top of Europe – countries and abroad. Countries defined as “Top of Europe” are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Germany, and North Western Russia. The global outreach will initially target expats in USA, China, Japan, India, Israel, Australia, Taiwan and Canada.

It is envisaged that the forum will be sponsored by interested organisations and companies. Services are offered free of charge or specifically sponsored under the auspice of the community. The forum will become a one-stop-shop for country- and/or discipline-specific lists of experts. The forum will provide access to foreign country experience and contacts for new projects and business opportunities. Thus, an additional benefit of the community will be a vehicle for branding Top of Europe. Top of Europe is an attractive place to work, live and invest.

We are currently inviting founding sponsors. If you are interested please contact the forum project managers Beata Grablevska, International Communication Manager at ScanBalt (Phone: +45 3532 4148; ) or David Featherston, Science Liaison Officer at BioLogue / Danish Pharma Consortium (Phone: +45 3532 6574; ).


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