Nordic Stronghold in HealthTech: The Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley

Nordic Stronghold in HealthTech: The Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley

Nordic Innovation House is the Silicon Valley headquarters for the Nordic Startup Community. We are a unique collaboration between the five Nordic countries Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.

We believe in Nordic technology and share the mission of building bridges between the Nordics and Silicon Valley.

In Silicon Valley your business idea gets exposed to radical acceleration, speed and scale, and we’re here to help Nordic companies hit the ground running: We offer a strongly connected local community that helps you get going, facilitates your work life, gets you connected and offers programs that further scale and refine your business idea.


HealthTech – Ready for US: The Nordics are forerunners in creating quality healthcare and innovation in Health Tech. Nordic Innovation House has a mission to bring this knowledge to Silicon Valley and promote the possibilities the progressive Nordic societies provide for research, development and investment in Health.

TINC – Accelerator for Nordic Tech Startups: TINC Silicon Valley is an intensive 4-week accelerator program for Nordic tech startups with ambitions and potential for global scale. The program is designed to validate your business model and product market fit for global scale with reduced risk, time, and cost.

REACH – Research to Business: REACH is a Silicon Valley based incubator program designed to boost Nordic research based tech projects that have international ambitions and potential. This on-the-job training program runs for six months with two 14-days acceleration visits to Silicon Valley, structured with top mentor sessions, potential customers, partners or investor meetings, workshops and business events.

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