Novetreat Ltd, Finland, receive a permit for drug manufacture

Novetreat Ltd, Finland, receive a permit for drug manufacture

The National Agency for Medicines granted a permit for a pharmaceutical plant to Novatreat Ltd on 4 October 2004. The permit makes it possible to manufacture the first product registered as a drug in the company´s production facilities in the Bio Valley area of Turku Science Park. Phase II clinical tests on the product will start soon.

The drug controls the Clostridium difficile -bacterium, which is one of the most common causes of hospital infections. Some 10-15% of all patients receiving antibiotic treatment suffer from diarrhoea caused by overgrowth of the bacterium. In some patients the disease keeps recurring, and in the end no antibiotics are effective. Trials with Novatreat´s product have been successful in the treatment of these difficult cases of diarrhoea. The leading Finnish infection specialists have received very positively the product that offers a new form of treatment and have been very interested in the testing of the product.

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News source: Eeva Järvinen, ScanBalt web editor for Finland

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