Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy established

Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy established

Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy establishedØresund Entrepreneurship Academy is a permanent unit under the Øresund University. This is similar to it the other academies in the Øresund Science Region. This is done to make sure that universities can have access to the academy and its resources and over time develop a common ground and vision for entrepreneurship teaching and work.

The aim of the academy is to develop courses, and work with students from all the universities in the Region. This includes focusing on all the different areas of speciality from economics to chemistry, from sociology to humanities, from physics to psychology. All this is based on a clear goal to create more and better entrepreneurship initiatives with growth potential and companies among the students of Øresund.

• Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy wants to be an international recognized academy for entrepreneurship, which unites cross-border forces and creates a strong common effort to offer competitive education in entrepreneurship.

• That Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy contributes to the creation of value in the region by increasing the number of
university students which start a new company or create innovation within established organisations. This is to be done by giving students the best possible skills in creating and maintaining business ventures with a foundation in the Øresund Region.

Entrepreneurship is the key to growth, and the ultimate aim is hence to increase the level of ambition and focus on, and the quantity of, practice-based entrepreneurship education on the 14 universities which forms the Øresund University. This is done by increasing the cooperation between universities and business – especially across Øresund. This is done via academic joint-ventures, companies working together, and practice-oriented Danish-Swedish courses and programs. It is the ultimate goal to create an environment in which students have the best opportunities to make new businesses and make them grow.

Shortly an independent webpage and organisation will be set up.

Contact person:
Christian Vintergaard

Press release (Danish / Swedish) at: Øresund University website

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