PATHOS MedTech Innovation Project Launched at Kick-off in Gothenburg

PATHOS MedTech Innovation Project Launched at Kick-off in Gothenburg

The first 14 EU seed money projects were approved on 21 June 2013. The approved project proposals cover ten priority areas of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, innovation being one of them.

PATHOS (Part-financed by the European Union) is based on existing innovative solutions in MedTech to be introduced and shared via a transnational innovation platform. PATHOS has the following thematic pilot areas:

• Test bed for SME MedTech products in the Clinic

• Align interoperability for medical image analyses

• Reducing infections with new products and diagnostic tools

• Develop concepts for innovative hospitals

• Align MedTech business accelerators in the BSR
PATHOS forms part of the EU BSR strategy’s flagship ScanBalt HealthRegion and aims to:

• develop an innovation ecosystem for the BSR MedTech sector based on smart specialisation and smart growth promoting BSRhealth economy

• build interest groups to develop the thematic pilot areas

• combine the pilot areas into an innovation platform concept plus develop work plan and budget for large scale project(s)

• use workshops and conferences to develop the PATHOS concept, gain insight and knowledge and adding newstakeholders and partners for large scale projects

• prepare application(s) for e.g. the Baltic Sea Region Programme and Horizon 2020

The partners in PATHOS are:

– Region Västra Götaland (Lead Partner), SE
ScanBalt® fmba, DK
BioCon Valley GmbH, GE
Turku Science Park Oy, FI
– Entrepreneurship Development Centre for Biotechnology and Medicine, EE
– Foundation Klaster Life Science Krakow, PL

Further partners will be identified and included in the course of the PATHOS seed money project.

Successful kick-off meeting 26 August and next workshop 17 October in Gdansk

The PATHOS kick-off meeting took place 26 August inGothenburg hosted by the lead partner, Region Västra Götaland. It revealed many interesting ideas and activities of relevance for the continued process towards preparation of  large scale applications.

The concept of a PATHOS innovation platform was initially discussed and it was concluded it may have some of the following characteristics:

–       Build on modules where each module is the responsibility of partners with a specific competence

–       Each module financially sustainable independent of each other

–       One entrance to the modules but each module can have own internet based service and support solutions

–       A shared forum for coordination between the modules

–       A shared vision for a BSR MedTech innovation eco-system

These are only initial suggestions and will be further elaborated upon.

The next PATHOS workshop takes place 17 Oct 09.00 – 12.00 in connection with Bioinnovation & ScanBalt Forum 2013 in Gdansk,see here

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