PhD Internship Programmes in Innovation and Development – UNU-INTECH, Maastricht

PhD Internship Programmes in Innovation and Development – UNU-INTECH, Maastricht

The PhD Internship programme funds up to six candidates each year to continue their PhD research in Maastricht for a period of three months under the supervision of UNU-INTECH faculty members. Applicants must be at an advanced stage of their PhD dissertation and their research topic should be accepted by their home university. Language proficiency in English is essential.

PhD interns must undertake research on a topic that contributes towards the completion of their dissertation and that fits in one of the three UNU-INTECH thematic areas, namely:

1. Global Governance of Innovation
This research area addresses rules, management and organisations in the international economy. Studies under this theme analyse the directions, dimensions and impact of technological change as well as the international regimes and actors involved.

2. Designing the Knowledge Economy
This theme deals with the design of policies and tools for technological upgrading and innovation. Research work interrelates macro policies, science & technology and innovation policies and innovation behaviour at the firm level.

3. Innovation for Development
This theme covers the dynamics of firm-level learning and innovation, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises and undertakes studies of specific technologies. Projects carried out under this theme focus on the innovation synergies and dynamic effects that result when businesses and related activities are clustered in a geographic area and they explore how organisations, institutions and inter-firm relationships create sector-based, regional or national ‘systems’ that shape patterns of innovation.

A limited number of fellowships are awarded to qualified students from developing countries. The fellowship awards provide a monthly stipend to cover living expenses in Maastricht, a return ticket between Maastricht and the internee’s country of residence, and travel and accident insurance for the period of the internship. Applications from researchers in both developing and developed countries that have sufficient funding from other sources to cover the three month period will also be considered.

Applications to participate in the 2005 programme are now being processed. The deadline for receiving applications is 31 December 2004.

Copies of the application form can be downloaded here or you may write to:

Ms. Monique Raedts, UNU-INTECH, Keizer Karelplein 19
6211 TC Maastricht, The Netherlands
Tel: (31) (43) 350 6300, Fax: (31) (43) 350 6399

The completed application form must be accompanied by the following three enclosures:
(i) a letter of reference from your supervisor;
(ii) a synopsis of your PhD thesis; and
(iii) a copy of your work proposal for Internship at INTECH.

The application form with the enclosures may be sent to:
Head of Graduate Studies Programme, UNU-INTECH,
Keizer Karelplein 19, 6211 TC Maastricht, The Netherlands,
Tel: (31) (43) 350 6300, Fax: (31) (43) 350 6399

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