Polish FP6 Experiences – Lessons to be learned

Polish FP6 Experiences – Lessons to be learned

Pawel Bartoszek from Poznan Science and Technology Park in Poland has much experience in EU projects, having coordinated two Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)  projects. Comparing his experiences in relation to the two different projects, Mr Bartoszek had a tip for current project coordinators – having an efficient website is the ‘decisive factor’ in the success of a project.

In a recent edition of Cordis News, Mr Bartoszek explained that simply providing a website with the profiles of participants had ensured the success of a brokerage event organised for the FOODLINK project. On the other hand, the partner meetings for the POLFOOD project had to be organised by hand and failed to deliver the desired results.

According to Mr Bartoszek  the main reason behind the success of one brokerage event and not the other is simply the different methodology. With FOODLINK people had time to check the profile of other participants. ‘An interactive and well-documented website was the clinching factor,’ concluded Mr Bartoszek.

News Source: Cordis News

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