Polish Technologists Proposals for Biotechnology Sector

Polish Technologists Proposals for Biotechnology Sector

On the 10th of February 2005  the members of the Technological Biotechnology Polish Platform (TBPP) passed the Polish Minister of Education a letter describing directions for scientific research in biotechnology – with the aim of increasing the industry in Poland.

These are the following conceptions for the development of biotechnology proposed by the TBPP:

· Supporting national technologies and products
· Creating the commercialization system for the R&D results
· Supporting the infrastructure, which is crucial for new technologies and biotechnology products for:
– Genomics
– Proteomics
– Protein Molecular Engineering
– Bioinformatics
– Bioprocess Engineering
· Assurance for quality systems included production process validation
· Supporting R&D activity – industry biotechnology
– biotechnology in medicine
– biotechnology in agriculture

· Possibilities of using national biotechnology solutions in economy, technology implementation into production:
– Drugs
– Vaccinations for human beings and animals
– Medical Diagnostics
– Biocatalysators
– Biofuels
– Biomaterials and chemicals
– Bioremediation
– Plant Microthawing
News Source: Konrad Kleszczynski, ScanBalt Webeditor, Poland

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