Press release: ScanBalt launches it’s own Yellow Pages

Press release: ScanBalt launches it’s own Yellow Pages

ScanBalt launches it’s own Yellow Pages today – promoting Life Science capacities in ScanBalt Bioregion Press release
21 Sep -06

ScanBalt Yellow Pages gives access to more than 3000 actors: Companies, Research institutes, Hospitals, Clinics and Universities, all engaged in Life Science, R&D or Support.

ScanBalt Yellow Pages covers the 11 ScanBalt BioRegion countries, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, North Germany,Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, North West Russia and Sweden. ScanBalt Yellow Pages is free to use for regional, national and international actors.

The ScanBalt Yellow pages has a simple to use search engine that allow both simple and sophisticated inquiries. You can find:
– the 917 regional Biotech companies* or
– the 48 Polish organisations that are involved in clinical research or
– the 1 university in Estoia that is involved in clinical research.
* please note that more companies are added every day

All companies and organizations are described with key competences and focus areas, contact information and website.

The ScanBalt Yellow Pages is based on mapping produced by several projects that were funded by EU and Nordic Innovation Centre.

ScanBalt Yellow Pages thanks the partners in the following projects for making this possible:
Scandinavian Life Science Database:
and the 2 Scanbalt projects: Boosting Baltic FP6 and ScanBalt CompetenceRegion

ScanBalt hosts the Yellow pages as a service to the Life Science actors in the region and to the international Life Science community, as a window to the life science competencies.


ScanBalt members: