Progress made towards a Baltic Sea Region Innovation Platform for MedTech

Progress made towards a Baltic Sea Region Innovation Platform for MedTech

On the picture: Kazimierz Murzyn from Klaster LifeScience Kraków

The Baltic Sea Region at Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol 28 to 29 January 2014 took another step towards initiating a trans-national BSR innovation platform for MedTech as a shared, modular, self-sustainable service. The 35 participants represented investors, SMEs, business development, clusters and networks, hospitals, universities and public authorities.

The discussions evolved around how to establish a set-up based on (1) a support and funding mechanism for SMEs –  Accelerace Life; (2) the promotion of test beds for SMEs in Clinics; (3) innovative hospitals; (4) a pilot activity within new products and diagnostic tools and (5) a pilot activity within interoperability for medical image analyses.

These are the initial fields of interest however additional areas and disciplines are expected to be included when the discussions are more advanced.

The workshop was part of the EU pre-seed project PATHOS which aims to promote coordinated investments between the Baltic Sea Region programme, Horizon2020 plus national and regional public-private financing.

The workshop was organised by the Entrepreneurship Development Centre for Biotechnology and Medicine (EE).

The next workshop is expected to take place during the Turku Baltic Sea Days the 1st to 5th of June 2014.

PATHOS is an Integrated part of the EUSBSR flagship ScanBalt HealthRegion, one of the pillars in ScanBalt BioRegion.

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