Regional portrait: Santara Valley, Vilnius

Regional portrait: Santara Valley, Vilnius

Santara Valley is a biotechnology cluster of business, science and education institutions in the north of city Vilnius, Lithuania. Santara Valley is a competence centre within the following science and technology areas:Biotechnology and biopharmaceutical; Innovative medicine technologies; Molecular medicine and biopharmaceuticals; Ecosystems and sustainable Development. The Santara Valley members are: (1) The research institutes Nature Research Centre, Innovative medicine centre; (2) The universities Vilnius University; Vilnius Gediminas Technical University; (3) The Vilnius Municipality; (4) The medical centres and hospitals Santariskes Hospitals, Northway, Institute of Oncology; (5) High-tech Business: Pharmaceutical, IT and biotechnology companies. The Santara Valley mission is to consolidate business, universities and public R&D efforts in order to create viable link between scientific research, high-tech business and academia.

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