Richard Roberts, Medicine Nobel Laureate: Keynote speaker at BioFinland 05.

Richard Roberts, Medicine Nobel Laureate: Keynote speaker at BioFinland 05.

The international biotechnology congress BioFinland 05 focuses on genomic drug discovery will gather top experts and researchers from the US and Europe to present their latest studies and innovations.
Dr Richard J. Roberts, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 1993 is one of the top-rated speakers.

“In my presentation, I will focus on the use of Bioinformatics and Genomics to develop reagents for research”, Dr Richard J. Roberts sums up his speech at the BioFinland 05 Congress.

Dr Roberts was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of split genes. Roberts’ discovery has changed the overall view on how genes in higher organisms develop during evolution.The discovery also led to the prediction of a new genetic process, namely that of splicing, which is essential for expressing the genetic information. The discovery of split genes has been of fundamental importance for today’s basic research in biology, as well as for more medically oriented research concerning the development of cancer and other diseases.

At the same time with the scientific Congress, an Investor Forum will be arranged for investors and companies in the bioindustry. Furthermore, there will be an exhibition ChemBio Finland 05, which will highlight latest innovations and developments within chemical and biotechnology
as well as laboratory analytics.

The previous international biotechnology event BioTech Helsinki 03 was organized in Finland in 2003. This top-level event gathered over 3,000 participants.

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