Rise of the Nordic warriors

Rise of the Nordic warriors

Rise of the Nordic warriorsThe Baltic Sea Region (BSR), an investment network and a consortium of six countries, namely, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden, is trying to attract Indian investment in industries like pharmaceuticals and information technology.
Nandini Patwardhan reports.

How many times have we spoken of Europe with respect to a few countries like UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland only? However the fact of the matter remains that the European region as a whole, is a superset of these subsets. This is more than evident, when the topic of discussion is the great Indian pharma industry and its voracious appetite for acquisitions. Companies have been making their presence felt in the EU by acquiring other companies from the above mentioned countries; when in fact they can also make a backdoor entry to the region, through the BSR.

If we go by the World Economic Forum’s statistics, the Finland, Sweden and Denmark have consistently been in the top five of the world’s most competitive economies while Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are Europe’s fastest growing economies. The BSR has vast experience in international trade that also offers world class financial, educational and innovation facilities, while the record-breaking growth in the region’s prosperity projects that its consumer markets are rapidly expanding.

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