ScanBalt™ A World Leader in Biotechnology

ScanBalt™ A World Leader in Biotechnology

At Bio 2003 in Washington this week, the world’s largest gathering of biotechnology leaders, ScanBalt™ was featured at the session “ScanBalt: Opportunities in Baltic Sea Area Through Borderless Biotech”. The session highlighted the ScanBalt progress during its first year and addressed areas for future focus, including public-private partnership resulting in new industry growth and progress, funding, collaboration opportunities and intellectual property protection. Quality infrastructure, resources and intellectual capital already exist in the area, including approximately 60 universities and 870 biotechnology-related companies. The goal is to leverage these resources and assets to increase mobility of intellectual capital to foster the industry’s continued growth and commercialisation in this geographic area.

Bo Samuelsson, Göteborg University, Chairman of ScanBalt™, says: “The concept of ScanBalt™ – a network of networks in the Nordic-Baltic regions, ScanBalt BioRegion – has attracted strong interest from key players in biotech and life sciences in and outside this meta-region. We are aiming at creating a unique model for how to organize European Biotech and Life Sciences in a globally competitive way. If we succeed, it means the creation of new job opportunities and prosperity not least in the Baltic Sea states Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland together with the northwestern part of Russia. Integration into the EU and the global biotech network are key goals for ScanBalt

ScanBalt™ is a great opportunity for an established and international biopharmaceutical company located in a small country like Denmark and for smaller biotech firms to collaborate and to achieve diversity in terms of scientific input ” adds Jørgen Dirach, MD, MBA, research counsellor at Novo Nordisk.

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