ScanBalt Bioregions exhibiting together at BIOnale, 2004

ScanBalt Bioregions exhibiting together at BIOnale, 2004

The regions and regional networks that make up the ScanBalt BioRegion are this week at Bionale in Maastricht, giving a very strong sign of their collective will to collaborate. They are using ScanBalt as a shared umbrella for the exhibition of their activities within research, education, tech transfer and development.

The many visitors to the ScanBalt booth are receiving facts and information on the regional capacities of ScanBalt members including, for example, Berlin-Brandenburg (BioTopp), Turku (BioTurku), Oslo – Gothenburg (MedCoast Scandinavia), Aarhus (Biomedico Forum), Southern Denmark (BioTEAM South), The Oresund region (Medicon Valley), Mecklenborg-Vorpommern (BioCon Valley) and others.

The interest for the exhibition clearly shows that collaborative marketing efforts have a value as a complementary tool to the marketing of the individual regions, and it will be exiting to follow how this will develop. In addition it clearly shows the benefits in establishing ScanBalt as a one-stop-entry to ScanBalt Bioregion.

As well as a Booth, and poster exhibit, ScanBalt is also being represented by participation in one of the satellite conference sessions entitled ‘Creation of a successful regional (bio)cluster’. Bo Samuelsson, ScanBalts Chairmen, will present ScanBalt during this session, on Thursday 4th November.

Visit the BIOnale website here.

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