ScanBalt Business News: Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL)

ScanBalt Business News: Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL)

Intelligent Hospital Logistics (IHL) is a revolutionary intelligent storage and logistics system for new and existing hospitals – a system where clothing, food, medicine, instruments, equipment and much more comes out of the walls exactly where and when caregivers need it. The concept has been on the drawing board at Intelligent Systems A/S, Logi Systems ApS, Qubiqa A/S and NNE Pharmaplan A/S for almost two years and is said to be one of the most promising and pioneering projects in hospital logistics for many years with a budget of over 24 million DKK. A total of 18 partners – and among them five Danish hospitals – are involved in the IHL development.

“IHL is set to improve everyday life at the hospitals – efficiency, better capacity utilization and traceability. It is a Danish developed system with the potential for a huge export adventure, ” says Niki Grigoriou, CEO/Software Architect at Intelligent Systems. “The concept has the potential not only to improve and streamline the logistics in Danish hospitals but foreign hospitals as well.”

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