ScanBalt Campus – Modernizing Europe’s Universities

ScanBalt Campus – Modernizing Europe’s Universities

ScanBalt Campus; Modernizing Europe’s Universities

 ScanBalt BioRegion, 13 June 2006

Press release

At the conference “ScanBalt Campus in the Knowledge Based Bio-Economy” 12-13 June in Berlin an important step was taken to facilitate Universities in the Nordic-Baltic region, ScanBalt BioRegion, to modernize.

Knowledge networks
ScanBalt Campus is a bottom-up collaboration which shall promote critical mass, increase coordination and attract resources. At the conference 8 cross-border ScanBalt Campus Knowledge Networks were presented, shared curricula discussed and the ScanBalt Campus, launched. In addition Industries needs of competencies in ScanBalt BioRegion was debated. The conference was co-organized by Campus Berlin-Buch and ScanBalt,

Bo Samuelsson, Chairman of the ScanBalt Campus Board, says “An important goal of ScanBalt Campus is to create an arena co-owned by the institutions but less encumbered by current rigidities and barriers. This will enable the institutions more quickly to match demand and supply and adapt swiftly to changes”.

ScanBalt Academy

To oversee the activities within ScanBalt Campus, the ScanBalt Academy has been established- The Academy is composed of a group of distinguished scientist from Industry and Academia. The President of the ScanBalt Academy, Kaare Norum says “We are delighted that prominent scientists have accepted to build up the Academy. The Academy shall ensure quality, act as an advisory body and undertake specific tasks like electing award winners, giving lectures and being ambassadors”.

Børge Diderichsen, vice president at Novo Nordisk, Denmark, adds “For industry it is crucial that access to quality competencies match the needs for Europe to be globally competitive within the biotech and life science sector. ScanBalt Campus is an important step in the right direction”.

ScanBalt Campus web

At the conference the ScanBalt Campus web site was launched providing a one-stop-entry to the 8 Knowledge Networks which has currently been established.

For further information please contact:
ScanBalt Campus project manager
Katarina Gårdfeldt
+46(0)31-772 4963

ScanBalt general secretary
Peter Frank
+45 27141078

ScanBalt Campus is a part of ScanBalt BioRegion. ScanBalt BioRegion is a meta-region in life sciences that encompasses Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, northern part of Germany and north-western part of Russia. ScanBalt BioRegion includes regional networks of universities, industries, hospitals, public institutions, public authorities and other important actors within life sciences.

ScanBalt in 2005 initiated ScanBalt Campus – currently a pilot project co-financed by Interreg lllB. An important objective of ScanBalt Campus is to initiate cross-border Knowledge Networks within various disciplines of life sciences according to needs. The Knowledge Networks creates critical mass in education, research and tech transfer, promote public-private collaboration and use of shared curricula, increase global visibility and attract human and financial resources.


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