ScanBalt Campus Kick Off Conference: Presentations

ScanBalt Campus Kick Off Conference: Presentations

ScanBalt Campus, a transnational showcase for a shared university structure was initiated on the 14th June at Lund University, Sweden. Behind it are 31 universities, regional networks, technology transfer organisations and companies from 11 countries located in ScanBalt BioRegion. Read more here.

The presentations from the meeting can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Introduction – Bo Samuelsson, Chairman of ScanBalt

Campus – Project Overview

ScanBalt Campus Knowledge Centre – Proposal for a European Faculty of Regenerative Medicine

ScanBalt Campus Knowledge Centre – Proposal for a Faculty of Environmental Biotechnology

Oresund Science Region – Description with Facts & Figures

Education and Training of Future Life Science Leaders – Bente Kristensen, Vice President – Copenhagen Business School.

ScanBalt members: