ScanBalt Clinical Research Network Funded by the Nordic Innovation Center!

ScanBalt Clinical Research Network Funded by the Nordic Innovation Center!

The Nordic Innovation Center has agreed to support the ScanBalt Clinical Research Network with an amount of 619.950 NOK out of a total budget of 1,3 mNOK.

ScanBalt Clinical Research Network aims at creating a dynamic and comprehensive platform for a high quality pre-clinical and clinical research network among universities, hospitals and companies.

The project is a pilot project estimated to take 8 months. The project will (1) Establish a coordinating secretariat function; (2) Establish a project Steering Committee; (3) Initiate mapping of spearhead competencies, potential partners and participants; (4) Run work shops in order to bring interested parties together; (5) Facilitate formations of partnerships between Hospitals, Academia and private companies; (6) Facilitate formations of partnerships between existing networks; (6) Facilitate exploitation of cross-disciplinary innovation potential; (7) Establish vision, mission and strategies for ScanBalt Clinical Research Network; (8) Establish a virtual meeting place (extranet) for the network participants; (9) Develop databases for the purpose of easy access to competencies, partner search and cooperation; (10) Promote quality management in clinical research.

The project is strictly coordinated with the ScanBalt organisation and utilizes synergies and benefits from existing communication and coordination structures within ScanBalt.

Coordinating partner of the pilot project is the Estonian Genome Project Foundation, For further information contact Jaanus Pikani, or Helene Alavere, ,
News Source: Peter Frank, General Secretary, ScanBalt

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