ScanBalt Clinical Research Network Kicks Off

ScanBalt Clinical Research Network Kicks Off

The ScanBalt Bioregion encompasses numerous outstanding life science research centres that are already engaged in pre-clinical and clinical cooperative research projects, although mainly in academic field. There is, however, firm belief that we are far from efficient use the resources. Better understanding and availability of information on existing pre-clinical and clinical capacities can improve the competitiveness of our meta-region.

Our aim is to combine acadimia, industry and hospitals with specific research areas in a smooth and practical network and thereby improve the competiveness of the ScanBalt Bioregion on a global scale.

On the 23rd March in Tallinn, Estonia, the kick off meeting of the clinical research network took place. On the kick-off meeting the first steps for data collection were defined.

The project is divided to three subgroups:
– preclinical
– clinical
– ITC infrastructure.

Each subgroup of the project will provide keywords for data base on existing capacities, units and companies. The data base will be posted openly on the ScanBalt web portal. Information on this data engine will be actively promoted through various channels, including ScanBalt network. Technically the short web based questionnaire will be used. The local contact persons will select the appropriate subjects that could represent the regional strengths in the data base. The existing local as well as already completed meta-regional data bases will serve as useful source for this purpose.

To explain the aims of the project and what is the person`s profit for participation in it an introduction letter will be prepared. During the meeting the Steering Committee and the Coordinating Secretariat of the project were also established.

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News Source: Helene Alavere, Estonian Genome Foundation

This project is supported by the Nordic Innovation Centre.

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