ScanBalt CompetenceRegion project funded by EU

ScanBalt CompetenceRegion project funded by EU

13 partners from ScanBalt member countries have received the contract for the project “ScanBalt CompetenceRegion” to be funded out of the 6th Framework programme. Coordinator of the project is BioCon Valley® GmbH, Greifswald – Rostock. The project is scheduled for 2 years and will host its kick off meeting at the 3rd ScanBalt Forum in Turku.

Basic objectives of the project are to provide a comprehensive and structured mapping of the ScanBalt Bioregion, to spot globally competitive core competencies and capabilities as well as key challenges in life science, genomics and biotechnology for health, to accelerate the linkage and integration of the EU candidate countries in these respective areas and last but not least to develop in a model case joint regional strategies and recommendations how to strengthen the competitiveness of ScanBalt as the first Pan-European bioregion.

“ScanBalt CompetenceRegion will be important to discuss and develop strategies for our further activities within ScanBalt Bioregion”, says Wolfgang Blank, vice chairman of ScanBalt and managing director of BioCon Valley® GmbH. The project shall be closely accompanied by an Expert Council of renowned scientists and entrepreneurs from the regions to ensure broad participation. The Expert Council will be headed by Bo Samuelsson, chairman of ScanBalt and former vice chancellor of Gothenburg university.

For further information, please contact:

Coordinator Wolfgang Blank:
, +49 3834 51 51 10

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