ScanBalt gains momentum

ScanBalt gains momentum

The participation in ScanBalt is steadily rising month by month. At the present the following networks are involved with ScanBalt:

Bay to Bio (DE)
BioCon Valley (DE)
Bio Forum Oulu (FI)
BioInn (NO)
Biomedico Forum (DK)
BioTEAM South (DK)
BioTurku (FI)
Estonian Biotechnology Association (EE)
Estonian Genome Foundation (EE)
HealthnTech (DK)
Kalmar Bioscience (SE)
MedCoast Scandinavia (NO/SE)
Medicon Valley Academy (SE/DK)
Sunrise Valley (LT)

In addition 45 Universities and other public institutions together with more than 30 large Pharma industries and small biotech companies are currently involved in various ScanBalt activities such as projects inside a number of topics.

ScanBalt promotes the development of ScanBalt BioRegion as a globally competitive meta-bioregion. In particular ScanBalt is a tool for the participants to create visibility for the ScanBalt BioRegion and the actors in it; to attract human resources and capital; to initiate and facilitate the creation of critical mass; to coordinate joint efforts in research, education and technology transfer; to create a framework for collaboration among academia, hospitals, public authorities, private companies and individuals; to create a framework for dialogue and collaboration among networks and to create a framework for dialogue with supranational institutions.

ScanBalt members: