ScanBalt Member Triip (Estonia): Green Print – Environmentally Friendly Printing of the Highest Standard

ScanBalt Member Triip (Estonia): Green Print – Environmentally Friendly Printing of the Highest Standard

Triip – Green Print ™ is an Estonian printshop, that has been active in the Scandinavian printing market for 14 years. During the last 5 years we have developed a printing product called Green Print. Triip is the only company in the region now (except one in England), that has full nature friendly printshop workflow. The manufacturing process takes place in a building reconstructed using environmentally friendly materials. We survey our resource consumption and waste production, and have developed a strategy for ecological activities. We take use of Green Energy (renewable energy) and emphasise environmental
consciousness combined with latest technology.
The Green Print product consists of three primary sources: vegetable-based printing inks; ecological paper and environmentally responsible print shop. The service has been developed in close co-operation between Triip Ltd. and the Estonian Fund for Nature. The natural inks provide comparable quality to customary inks based on petroleum distillates. The inks can be used on coated, uncoated and recycled paper, and finished using most common finishing techniques. The printing quality of recycled paper is the same than that of ordinary paper, since in Triip Ltd. our pre-printing process as well as printing presses are specially adjusted to comply with the conditions of recycled paper. The cost of Green Print is somewhat higher than that of ordinary printing, but only because of the higher market price of recycled and FSC certified paper. With Green Print product only 100% recycled or FSC certified paper can be used. We have also been issued FSC certificate – the only international certificate acknowledged by most environmental organisations
like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
The users of Green Print service are granted the right to mark their printing with the Green Print logo and the following text – “Printed on recycled/FSC Certificate paper. The printing ink used is produced on the basis of natural oils and resins © TRIIP”.


Printed materials are indispensable for the successful existence of any organisation. By choosing the Green Print service you can substantially and easily reduce the impact of your actions on the environment, since:

– in Green Print inks natural oils and resins are used instead of petrochemicals

– in Green Print only certified or 100% recycled paper is used

– Green Print is produced by the environmentally friendly print shop Triip

– choosing Green Print you support the Estonian Fund for Nature.

Protected forests – Trees will be preserved for wild birds

Pure environment – No emission of toxic compounds during printing process

Pleasant life – Green Print will guarantee your peace of mind


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