ScanBalt News September 2013 is out now!

ScanBalt News September 2013 is out now!

ScanBalt News is a platform for advertising activities, products, services, events and projects for the members of ScanBalt, ScanBalt Business Clients and collaborating projects.

ScanBalt News for example in each issue:

(1) presents a portrait of a region with the aim of enhancing the knowledge internationally of the competencies in ScanBalt BioRegion which has so much to offer for talented people, investors and companies.  All member regions represented in ScanBalt are invited to deliver portraits.

(2) leaves the word to industry associations and industrial leaders in order to have their opinions and input.

(3) publishes  ScanBalt Business advertiser portraits to give examples of the health and life science industry in the region.

(4) invites decision and opinion makers to write for ScanBalt News in order to have their ideas and thoughts on how we develop the Baltic Sea Region into a world class health and bio economy.

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