ScanBalt Newsletter December 2004

ScanBalt Newsletter December 2004



ScanBalt IP Knowledge Network gets go-ahead!
ScanBalt secretariat office address change
Baltic Sea Initiative – 2010 Meeting Report
ScanBalt Position Paper Number 2: Marine Biotechnology
Agrobiotechnikum – New BioCon valley Technology Centre opens
New BioTeam South Newsletter
EU must enhance competitiveness through cooperation – new report
German Biotech Law news
Latvian Biodiesel
BioTie (Finland) enters into a new licensing deal
Polish Innovation
BioFinland 05
Genomics Report – Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects
PhD Programme
Baltic Rim Economies – Bimonthly Review
EU Focus – News, Calls, Publications, Events and Web Services
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ScanBalt Projects – News
News from ScanBalts projects and activities

ScanBalt IP Knowledge Network
The ScanBalt Intellectual Property Knowledge Network has now finalized negotiations with the EC and the contract was signed in the beginning of December. The funding will cover a period of 2 years and entail the network structuring and competency development activities.
Read more here.

ScanBalt Address Change

The ScanBalt secretariat is moving offices! The new address will be:

c/o Baltic Development Forum
Valkendorfsgade 13
P.O.Box 1127
DK-1009 Copenhagen K
This will take effect from the 18th December 2005

New telephone numbers will be made available on the website.sw116.asp

Member News
News for and about ScanBalts members

The Baltic Sea Initiative-2010 Meeting Report
Representatives from business, public administrations, research and regional organisations from 10 countries in the Baltic Sea region recently met with the aim of increasing the competitiveness and innovation of the Baltic Sea region towards 2010. Read more here.

ScanBalt Position Paper II
ScanBalt has produced its second position paper, which inputs into the debate on FP7 with regard to marine science and in particular, marine biotechnology. Read more here.

Agrobi otechnikum – Competence and Technology Centre opened in BioCon Valley
On November 22, 2004, the new Competence Center for Biogenic resources was opened. The highly specialized “AgroBioTechnikum” offers outstanding conditions for start-up companies and research groups and the settlement of new businesses in “green biotechnology”.  The operating company is the biotech network BioCon Valley.
December 2004 bioTeam south newsletter out now
The newsletter, from the southern Danish science cluster, contains news on Danish biotech, market news, company information and patent news.
Read more here.

ScanBalt Bioregion  – News
News and events from within the ScanBalt Bioregion

EU must enhance competitiveness through cooperation and competitiveness
Two new fact sheets from the European Commission clearly identify the key factors contributing to European Biotech’s inability to successfully compete with the US. The main solution is a reduction in the fragmentation of the sector. Read more here.

German Biotech law I: Patents
Analysts are discussing the implications of a new law, passed by the German Bundestag, on the patenting of human gene sequences.
Read more here.

German Biotech law II: Agrobiotech
After much waiting, the new German legislation on genetically modified crops has been finally passed by the Bundestag. Although seen as a success by many, it has been greeted with dismay by the biotech sector who see it as highly restrictive and detrimental to continued agro-biotech growth.
Read more here.

Latvian Biodiesel: New production method
Latvian researchers at Riga university have developed a new method of producing rapeseed oil biodiesel, using ethanol rather than the more toxic methanol. The researchers are seeking industrial partners. Read more here.

BioTie (Finland) enters into a licensing deal with Somaxon Pharmaceuticals (USA)
Biotie Therapies Corp. and Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have announced that Somaxon has exercised its option to license nalmefene in North America.
Read more here.

Polish high efficiency DNA purification method
A Polish University offers technology providing efficient large-scale production of virus, plasmid, bacterial and any other DNA. Read more here.

Polish non-invasive monitoring of brain volume and blood vessel pulse
A small group of scientists and engineers from Poland have constructed a monitor to be used in monitoring changes in the volume of the brain and the pulse of the blood vessels within the brain. Read more here.

BioFinland 05: 26-27 April 2005, Helsinki, Finland
BioFinland 05 is an international biotechnology congress focusing on Genomic Drug Discovery. The Congress will approach the entire drug chain from basic research to the patient.  Read more here.

Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects of Genomics
The Netherlands Genomics Initiative has produced a new report on Genomics research in the EU, Canada, and the USA. Read more here.

PhD Internship Programme in Innovation
The PhD Internship programme funds up to six candidates each year to continue their PhD research in Maastricht for a period of three months under the supervision of UNU-INTECH faculty members. Read more here.

Baltic Rim Economies – Bimonthly Review
The bimonthly review of the Baltic Sea littoral states economies, published by the Turku School of Economics and Business is out now. It contains country specific data on GDP, growth, borrowing and business highlights. Read more here.
EU Focus
Events and news from the EC

News/Policy/Information sw407.asp

Formation of a funders forum to increase competitiveness
Funding Basic Research meeting
Record number of patent applications expected by EPO
Research project investigates neurotoxicity
PAXIS members awarded for innovation success
US nanotech alliance draws from EU mechanisms
Baring the genetic secrets of mice teeth
European Platform on innovative medicine
Make science more relevant, urge Descartes prize winners
GDP levels
EU encourages Russian participation in FP6
EU identifies top industrial performers
Improvement in perception of EU and its function
Joe Borg Address at advisory committee for fisheries and aquaculture
Investment Scorecard (do a main story on this)
Innovation forum report
EU launches consultation on innovation programme

Publications sw385.asp
Directorate General Factsheets on EU competitiveness
Technology Platforms
Cordis News – Promote your project
New guidance notes for FP6 reporting
INTERREG newsletter
New guidance notes for FP6 competitive calls

Calls sw519.asp
Nanotechnologies and Nanoscience
Policy orientated research call
Transational access and integration activities

Events sw368.asp
2005-01-07 PRIME conference, Manchester, UK
2005-01-06 International Congress on Organic Farming, Food and Health
2005-01-20 Workshop on use of subsidary companies, Denmark
2005-01-26 Future of the knowledge society, Netherlands
2005-02-23 Evolution of Life Sciences, Edinburgh, UK
2005-03-09 Science and Society, Brussels

Web Services sw397.asp
Janez Potocnik – Home Page
New website on FP7
New environment website
Research site index

Biotech News
Notable stories from the Biotech world

The potential of marine biotechnology
Marine biotechnology has a huge potential for enhancing life science research. The ScanBalt postition paper seeks to address this. A clear example is the recent discovery of compounds which may treat cystic fibrosis from toxic marine algae. Read morehere.

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