Scanbalt Newsletter March 2004

Scanbalt Newsletter March 2004


A novel AgroBiotech network focuses on root-microbe systems
3rd ScanBalt Forum – The Competence Region
EU policy focus, information and web services
Life Science events
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A novel AgroBiotech network focuses on root-microbe systems
Twenty-three researchers from universities and research institutes from all the 10 ScanBalt countries met at a two-day working session in Copenhagen 20-21 February 2004, sponsored by NorFA. The meeting was organized in order to discuss common interests and needs, map regional focus areas and to identify potential partnerships within the research field of agricultural biotechnology. The group came to an agreement to start a research-education network focused on biotechnology-based research on root-microbe systems and will submit a NorFA Network application in May 2004. Says professor Jari Valkonen from University of Helsinki:

“Roots and plant-microbe interaction in the root systems are a largely neglected area of molecular plant and microbial research, despite of the crucial importance of root development, and the beneficial and pathogenic microbes to plant growth and productivity. Soil-borne diseases cause difficult problems in plant production especially in northern Europe due to our climatic conditions. Furthermore, the rhizosphere represents a highly fascinating ecological system with thousands of different kinds of microbes and protozoa interacting with roots and soil. The modern genomics and molecular biology tools allow new, interdisciplinary approaches to tackle this challenging and important
research area. The Nordic and Baltic countries are relatively small, and the number of experts in specific scientific fields is often limited. This is especially pronounced in research on root-microbe interactions. It was very encouraging to realize the enthusiasm among the participants of the meeting who represented very different research areas, from chemistry, genetics and biotechnology to microbiology and plant pathology. We look forwards to a very fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration”

The initiative is lead by prof. Valkonen and supported by ScanBalt and the NOVA-BOVA University. For further information contact Niels Fuglede, ScanBalt secretariat:

3rd ScanBalt Forum – The Competence Region
Turku, Finland August 25th -27th 2004 in cooperation with BioCity Turku Symposium
We would like to invite you to the 3rd ScanBalt Forum – The Competence Region. The forum will take place in Turku Science Park, Finland on 25th and 26th of August 2004. The Forum will create the future of the ScanBalt Competence region by establishing Scientific Platforms and Public-Private Partnerships. The aim of the forum is to promote networking, to create new contacts and collaboration for mutual benefit and funding of activities within biotechnology in the ScanBalt Competence Region.

The focus of the 3rd ScanBalt Forum is both scientific and entrepreneurial. The programme is built on the ScanBalt ongoing projects or project ideas with renowned speakers.

The second day of the conference is organized in cooperation with BioCity Turku Symposium. The participants of the ScanBalt Forum are free to attend the BioCity Turku Symposium 27th August when the actual ScanBalt Forum is over. The 3rd ScanBalt Forum is organised by BioTurku in cooperation with ScanBalt organisation and will be sponsored by the European.
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EU policy focus, information and web services

Policy focus

Money to Security related research
Research to be one of prime beneficiaries of higher EU budget
Technology platforms – recommendations
Higher contributions from the EU’s Member States for research
Critical first evaluation of the new FP6 instruments
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EU Information

Asthma and allergies: major new Network of Excellence
NEST creativity: first crop of EU visionary research projects
Design of research programmes and decision making processes
Germany celebrates record participation levels in FP6 projects
Virtual medical care less prone to errors
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Web services

CORDIS launches FP6 Infrastructures service
INTERACT – Intereg help on line
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Life Science events

The 2004 Oceanology International conference <_http3a_ sw463.asp=””””>
Seminar on The Baltic Sea and its region <_http3a_ sw464.asp=””””>
Borderless university cooperation for regional development conference <_http3a_”” sw465.asp=””>
A conference on modern biology and visions of humanity <_http3a_”” sw466.asp=””>
Conference on European clinical research oversight situated in a global context <_http3a_ sw467.asp=””””>
International conference on increasing human resources for science and technology <_http3a_ sw468.asp=””””>
Biobizz workshop <_http3a_”” sw469.asp=””>
Conference on tools for Preclinical drug development <_http3a_”” sw470.asp=””>
INTERREG 3 programme information day <_http3a_”” sw471.asp=””>
International Conference on SARS <_http3a_”” sw472.asp=””>
Successfully creating innovative products and services: integrating academia, business and consulting <_http3a_”” sw473.asp=””>
Phytopharm 2004 <_http3a_”” sw474.asp=””>
NATO and EARMA host a training course on realising national research potential and effective science management <_http3a_”” sw475.asp=””>

Deadline for ScanBalt News
Deadline for the next issue of ScanBalt News is 30 March.

Editor: Peter Frank

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